"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
                                                                                                                   - Walt Disney

Investing your money is a highly personal choice. Some people want the security of a big name brokerage firm. Others want to handle their own investments. Still others trust an investment banker out of convenience because the same bank handles their mortgage or checking account. Still others use a particular investment firm because their parents did. There are all sorts of reasons people choose investment paths and we understand and respect all of them.

But at Old Oak Advisors, we forge a different path. We believe in building highly personalized portfolio strategies that don’t fit into a cookie-cutter strategy. For example, we are not tied to any particular funds. We do not sell anything. What we do is map out, advise, and monitor. Another example is our highly personalized service.

If you put in a call to us, you’ll usually get an answer if not immediately, within an hour. We do not keep “banker’s hours.” We understand that customers can’t always give their investments the time they deserve during their hectic workday. So, if you call us after 5 p.m., chances are, you’ll still get a call back later in the evening. It’s attentiveness like this that makes Old Oak Advisors singularly unique.

Customers also like that we don’t just offer one solution, we usually offer two or three. Plus, we’ll come to you; to your home, office, day or night, to discuss your portfolio. Within reason, our office hours are whatever works best for you. Of course, you’re always welcome to come to us, too!

Since we’re a smaller firm, if we’re to succeed, the recommendations we make to clients have to be well researched and well charted. That’s not a guarantee of success, but we believe we have a fiduciary duty to our customers to always look out for their best interests.