Welcome to a higher standard of care.

Old Oak Advisors has been advising individuals, families, and business owners since 2011.

We are an Independently Registered Investment Advisor specializing in Comprehensive Financial Planning and Professional Wealth Management as Fee-Only Advisors.

We serve as your fiduciary in all matters; as such, we do not receive commissions.

Fiduciary Oath

As a financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard, we occupy a position of trust and confidence when working with our clients. As a Fiduciary, we are required to act with undivided loyalty to our clients, including full disclosure of how we are compensated and any conflicts of interest.

As a result, we are compensated exclusively by the fees paid by our clients which allows us to work solely in their best interest; when they succeed, we succeed.

We do not work on commission and never sell products. Anyone who sells products, by definition, can not act as a fiduciary.

At Old Oak Advisors, we believe this is highly important to our clients and the very reason we structured the firm this way. It is our duty, our fiduciary duty, to always look out for our client's best interest.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is the process of organizing and managing all of your financial affairs in order to meet your financial goals. It is a dynamic process that requires adjustment over time as your life and goals change. Adjusting your planning strategies over time allows you to stay on track to successfully meet your goals. Financial Planning typically includes the following:

      • Asset Allocation Analysis
      • Retirement Planning
      • Net Worth Analysis
      • Cash Flow Analysis
      • Estate Planning
      • Education Planning
      • Tax Planning
      • Social Security Planning
      • Risk Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is the professional management of assets utilizing various securities to achieve a portfolio that matches your risk level and financial objectives. We seek out exceptional investment managers who we believe will be excellent fiduciaries of our clients' capital. We are particularly focused on managers who have shown the ability to thrive over long time periods and different market conditions, demonstrate high ethical standards, are personally invested alongside us, and demonstrate prudence and patience over time. Wealth Management typically includes the following:

      • Investment Selection Analysis
      • Investment Policy Statement
      • Custom Tailored Portfolio
      • Implementation of Investment Selections
      • Ongoing Monitoring and Review